Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summerfest 2014 Raw Bar Day 1

Usually the first day of Summerfest is more on the quiet side, as many people are still arriving and yet others won't do so until the weekend. Thus year, however, there seemed to be many more people, as we served over 500 meals for lunch and nearly 600 for dinner. Included below are some of my favorite recipes from the day, and of course some excellent photos I managed to snap in the midst of the chaos.

Lunch Day 1
Cucumber Mint Soup
Zucchini Romesco
Cilantro Pate Stuffed Mushrooms
Peach Praline with Cashew Creme

Cucumber Mint Soup

Wednesday Dinner
Creamy Brazil Nut Soup
Asian Cucumber Salad
Spring Rolls with Thai dipping sauce
Blueberry Rose Granita

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