Monday, June 2, 2014

The One Surefire Technique to Achieve a High Raw Diet

The One Surefire Technique to Achieve a High Raw Diet Over the years I have been approached by throngs of people who have come to me and offered some sort of variation upon, “I want to eat more raw foods, but”, or “I want to eat healthier, but”, and of course there are as many variations on the but as there are people to offer them. Some of the most often buts that I hear are, “but raw foods are expensive”, “but it is time consuming to do,” “but I could never stop eating the things I have eaten for so long”, and on and on. In truth, there are a litany of reasons people will beg, borrow, steal or invent to not allow themselves to have the things that they want. One of my favorite quotes—and it has been attributed to everyone from Mark Twain to Henry Ford—is “If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” So simple and yet so certain. We never do the things that we don’t believe we can, for it isn’t in our capacity to achieve them. Anyone who has ever set forth with a goal and achieved it knew, on some level, that what they wanted was possible. Besides, who wakes up and says, “Today, I am going to attempt something which I can’t possibly do”? If you want anything in life: if you want to transition to a plant-based diet; if you want to eat more raw food; if you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle; if you want to be an astronaut; if you want to buy a new car—whatever it is, the very first and essential element is belief. In truth, it runs even deeper than belief. The very fastest way to get whatever you want in life is to reside in a place of absolute knowing that what you want must be, it can’t not come. If you are confident that you can transition to a high raw diet, and you know that it must be, and you can move yourself into a place of knowing, and hold that vibration as consistently as possible, you will surprise yourself, and the people around you. Our experience is made up of the narratives that we tell ourselves and each other, hour after hour, day after day. What we focus on is what we find in the world, and what we give the most energy to, is what we get the most back of. When we speak about what we don’t want, we activate it, and we bring it closer to us. The same goes for speaking about what we want. The more you focus on what you want,the more you get of what is wanted. If you want to eat a high raw diet, then say so, and leave it at that, no reason to sabotage yourself with, ‘but I can’t for x reason,’ or ‘but I might not because…’. If you are committed to changing the way that you eat, and it is your strong desire to transition to a plant-based, high raw diet, then make doing so your dominant intent. Find thoughts about it that make you feel good. See how great you look with the weight off, cultivate how amazing you feel, in your mind’s eye see, smell and taste all the wonderful foods you will make and that others will create for you. The one surefire way to a high raw diet? Knowing that, for you, it must be so, and it will come to you as quickly as you can allow it and reside in that place where you are certain, not only that it must be, but that one a much larger level, it is already done. Everything else will flow into your experience as simply and easy as your breath.

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