Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 Tips for Abundant Health

For many of us, once we find our way to it, the quest for abundant health is a lifelong pursuit. Trillions of dollars globally are directed every year into health, beauty, organic foods, doctors and fields medical, metaphysical, homeopathic, shamanic and beyond in the quest for optimal health. The search for extreme well-being and long-lasting life has been going on since the dawn of self-aware human experience. Yet if the pursuit is so ancient, and so much energy is directed towards it, and so many people are seeking to achieve it, why is it that so few people actually do? While most people have had thoughts and desires of abundant health and therefore have called into being a vibrational existence that matches those thoughts and desires—the majority of people, at this moment, do not seem ready to consistently allow their emotions to match their desires. Below are five tips for allowing abundant health to flow into your everyday experience.

Get In Alignment
All of the resources that you need, everything that you want surrounding your perfect idea of being as healthy as you can be, has been amassed for you. It is all lined up perfectly for you to receive it, all you have to do is get yourself in alignment with it. There are obvious ways to get in alignment, from physical manifestations like yoga postures to the more subtle, like bringing your thoughts and emotions into alignment. When what you think makes you feel good, and you can hold those thoughts more and more consistently and feel better and better all the time, you will line up with all you need to be as healthy as you crave to be.

Know That It Is Done
If you want to have abundant health you have to be able to hold a picture of what this looks like to you in your mind. While many people can complete this step, they stop there, barred to go any further by their present experience. Rather than continuing to hold that picture in their mind and how good they feel about it, too many people turn towards what they see before them, the lack of their ideal state of health and well-being. The more that you look at what you don’t have and confirm to yourself that you don’t have what you want, the more you will have of what you don’t want. You needn't keep repeating the patterns and stories of the past. Know that manifestation has already been accomplished and all you must do is allow it in.

Want It Lightly
It is important to formulate and set goals. It is really important to know what you want and to focus upon it. However, there can be a tendency among us to get so wrapped up in thinking about our goals, and then thinking about how you want it, and then wanting it really hard, but then not feeling so great because it isn't here yet, and then seeing how you don’t feel great that it isn't here yet. It’s worthwhile to trust and to let it go for a while. You have put out into the world your thoughts and feelings regarding exactly how you want your health and well-being to be, and it has read you loud and clear. You needn't be reminding it every five seconds, all day, every day. You could not think about it all week, or all month, and still you would know what you want and it would be there for you. Remember, it’s okay to want it lightly, and it takes off the pressure, which makes it fun again. When it’s fun, it feels good and when it feels good, it comes.
Let The Current Take You
If you can imagine that your path in life is a river that is carrying you downstream at all times towards what you want, and that abundant health is just downstream awaiting your arrival, then you can learn to let the current of life take you towards all it is that you want. Your abundance and prosperity—in health and all areas of your life—is an immense river roaring by with amazing strength. You can fight the current as hard as you want to, and row and row in the little boat of your personal physical awareness against it until you have put up such a fight and are so exhausted if you like. Wouldn't it be so much nicer, though, to sit back and relax in the boat, and watch all the amazing sights and hear and smell the intriguing sounds and scents along the ride?

Make Your Thoughts Feel Great
For me, the most important part of achieving abundant health is the integration of and balance of what you think and how you feel. When you find that you are frequently able to more consciously direct the flow of what you are thinking towards thoughts that make you feel great, that make you say ‘Yes, please!’ and affirm life more and more each day, you are well on your way. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Boy, I am abundantly healthy today and I just feel lousy?” Just as much as you are what you eat, we become what we think. If you want to be as healthy as you can be, you need to have the healthiest thoughts possible, as often as you can.

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